I'm Joe Kracz

A Product Builder based in Sunnyvale, CA

Joe Kracz sitting on a globe


Building things that matter - that's what I'm passionate about.

I'm a software engineer by education and have spent the last four years as a product manager in the fintech space. My experience in fast-paced startup environments has sharpened my problem-solving and stakeholder management skills, empowering me to drive impactful outcomes while defining both the "what" and the "why" of the products I build.

My multidisciplinary background equips me to excel not just in coding but also in understanding the broader impact of technology on business and user experience. My experience in leading cross-functional teams and my commitment to agile and engineering best practices allow me to bring ideas from conception to launch efficiently.

I've been channeling these skills into causecompass.io, an initiative dedicated to bridging the gap between nonprofits and the communities they serve. Through the strategic use of technology and compelling storytelling, we aspire to highlight the unsung heroes and vital initiatives making a real-world impact.

My Projects

Kracz Clothing Co

Kracz Clothing Co

Kracz Clothing Co. is a comprehensive and advanced digital storefront built with React, Firebase, and Redux. The platform offers seamless browsing of clothing by category, secure user authentication, and an interactive shopping cart experience.

Coffee Shop Search

Coffee Shop Search

Explore and vote for your favorite coffee shops with Coffee Shop Search! This interactive Next.js app offers a location-based search, detailed information about each coffee shop, and an upvoting feature. Filled with stunning coffee images and powered by various APIs, it's a delightful blend of aesthetics and functionality.



Discover a world of unique robot friends with RoBros! Search and filter through an interactive directory. Each robot has a distinct identity, generated using data from APIs. A playful project crafted with React, demonstrating the power of modern frontend development.

My Resume

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